Nestled Between Vast Depressions

by skymning

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this entire ep was written and produced in my old bedroom where i made 1993 almost 5 years ago.

thanks to my incredible and supportive family and friends who always had my back even when i was emotionally fucked up i.e. the entirety of 2016.

thanks to my life companion who knows me better than anyone and helps me feel more human.

thanks to devin abrams for helping me mix the percussion on hell is other people
thanks to joe sloane for helping me mix the percussion on i’m up
thanks to neil aldridge for helping me mix fell into place
thanks to reuben winter for helping me mix the guitar on alone with my thoughts (and also for being the best musician this country has)

thanks to ben lemi for performing the live drums on fell into place & alone with my thoughts. that thanks also extends to lee prebble at the surgery for engineering that recording session. these recordings were made for massey university wellington’s bachelor of commercial music, which i dropped out of. i hope everyone’s okay with me fucking with the sounds you made.

thanks to luke rowell for mastering this collection of tracks and being absolutely lovely person. this dude is a legend i'm lucky to have had him touch this thing. pool party 2k17

thanks to ian jorgensen without whom i might not have ever had a chance to practice live performances and go on to open for high school heroes of mine. thanks for giving me every opportunity to grow, and for exposing me to an insane range of music at your venue and festivals.

thanks to everyone in the wellington and auckland independent music scenes for being incredible support and inspiration. i miss seeing all the people and bands and whatever.


released March 5, 2017



all rights reserved